Social Justice

Social justice is understood at St Mary’s as fairness, equity, inclusion and discipleship. We recognise the power of relationships and seek ways to empower our students to have understanding and respect for others. 

Social justice is a pivotal aspect of our Religious Education and Catholic Identity, aiming to inform and provide students with the knowledge to work towards a more peaceful and cohesive society. 

At St Mary’s students are introduced to many concepts of mission, including caring and sharing in a loving way for people in need. Students learn to discern how they can share with others in need, in their family, at school, in their own country and overseas.

Students explore issues of social justice and the implications for our world. As students progress through year levels, students are exposed to those marginalised within our community and form opinions on injustices within our direct and broader communities. 

Ultimately, our students are taught to show empathy for others and treat others with respect. 

Our students are provided with opportunities to actively live a rich and real life of faith and service.