Specialist Curriculum

The Arts

Performing & Visual

At St Mary’s, we recognise the importance of the Arts. Learning through the Arts encourages self-expression, creativity and imagination while building self-confidence. 

The Performing Arts curriculum engages all students in dance, drama, music and movement. Such learning experiences allow students to be expressive, collaborate, create and communicate through various modes. 

Visual Arts

During Visual Arts, all students explore a variety of mediums to be able to explore and express themselves, creating interpretations of one’s understanding. Through drawing, paint, sculpture and print, the visual arts encourage creative expression, wonder and imagination. 

LOTE – Indonesian

St Mary’s Language other than English is Indonesian. Students from Prep – Year 6 learn Indonesian and explore the language, culture and traditions through the spoken word, dance, art, history, geography and music. 

Digital Technologies

St Mary’s recognises the importance of integrated digital technologies in all curriculum areas. Our students actively live in a digital age where learning of skill, knowledge and safety are paramount for the world they live in. 

STEAM is a specialist curriculum area that explores Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics combined. Such learning exposes students to innovations that require coding, robotics, problem-solving, communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

St Mary’s provides all students with a device. Currently, iPads and Apple Macbooks are resourced and available to every student throughout the school. In the classroom and specialist rotation, our students are supported on how to use their devices to produce, celebrate and collaborate their thinking and understanding. Students in years 5 and 6 are provided with a leased iPad Agreement for devices to be used between home and school. This program is aimed for increased connectivity, productivity and home learning opportunities.

St Mary’s is an eSmart school where regular education is dedicated to being cyber safe, responsible for our digital footprint and knowing how to be safe and respectful digital citizens. St Mary’s recognises that this education is a partnership between home and school and one that is ongoing. 

Physical Education

St Mary’s is committed to the physical well being of all students and provides explicit teaching and learning to build a students physical capability of skill and movement whilst fostering positive education for one’s safety and wellbeing. 

St Mary’s provides a structured physical education program and integrates sport and games at various times throughout the school week. Year 3 – 6 students are encouraged to take part in external skills development and inter-school sporting opportunities throughout their time at school.