Leader of Pedagogy: Literacy, Numeracy & Catholic Identity: POL 3

St Mary’s is inviting dynamic and innovative leaders to join our community. We are looking for three people to be responsible for leading key curriculum areas for all in our community. If these roles are something that sparks interest and passion, please explore the links below. 

Leaders of Pedagogy – Job Application 

Classroom Teacher Roles

Classroom Teacher 2023

STEM Teacher – Term 4, 2022

St Mary’s Pre-Employment Disclosure 

Role Descriptions:

LOP: Literacy 

LOP: Numeracy

LOP: Catholic Identity

APPLICATIONS CLOSE:  Monday 12th September @ 4:00pm

St Mary’s is regularly seeking professional, competent and enthusiastic staff to join our team.

If you work or would like to possibly work in our educational setting, please feel free to forward your Curriculum Vitae to;


If specific roles are available, St Mary’s will advertise here on our website, via our socials, on CEVN and on Teachers on Net.