Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St Mary’s Echuca, where we live and learn in a community of faith, trust and love. It is with gratitude and acknowledgement that as a community we have been welcomed by our First Nations People to grow, connect and learn on their land.

I am Jasmine Ryan and I am the proud Catholic Principal of St Mary’s Echuca. I am a passionate faith leader who has been an educator for the greater part of my life. I love the life I have, my call to serve and the lifelong journey of being blessed to lead and learn. I am grateful to belong to a community where the opportunity to make a difference presents daily. Thank you for taking an interest in our school, who we are and what we do! 

St Mary’s is a Catholic school which nurtures strong faith connections through making authentic links to Parish, staff, students and families. As an active faith community we contribute to our Catholic story, modeling rich and relevant ways we can hear, see and speak the Good News of Jesus in our everyday lives. Daily we nurture our faith in an effort to evangelise our Catholic story, beliefs and traditions with all in our community. 

St Mary’s is a thriving community built on respectful and authentic relationships. It is a large growth community where all are welcome and included, students and educators alike are nurtured to be the best version of themselves. As a school community, we strive to sustain deep connections and shared ownership and recognise the trust we have been given by families, the greatest educators of their children. It is within this trusting partnership that we are privileged to live, learn and grow with many families in our community.

Our school actively encourages engagement with parents and the wider community. We strongly believe that working in partnership is crucial to building positive learning relationships for our students. The educators of St Mary’s are passionate and dedicated and recognise that every child learns differently. The staff of St Mary’s are committed to the education of the children and seek to maximise the potential of all students who attend our school. Through positive and active partnership with parents we strive to ensure every student has a happy, safe and fulfilling school experience. 

St Mary’s provides exemplary learning and teaching through a faith-filled lens. Every child at St Mary’s is recognised as a learner with the capability to grow and progress. The educators of St Mary’s understand the privilege and responsibility they have to ensure that the learning process is accessible to all and continually strive to provide a positive culture of learning. The educators of St Mary’s model a commitment to lifelong learning and recognise the need to listen and learn, with and alongside our students. St Mary’s pedagogical approach engages in evidence-based practices to ensure we are contemporary in our teaching and learning, ensuring we are progressing and supporting our students for the future.

St Mary’s Echuca is one of the largest leading schools in the Sandhurst Diocese. Our hopes for the future are to continue to grow all in our community while holding learner outcomes at the core of all we do. By encouraging active and passionate students and educators to grow in faith, we know we can continue to be a, “A faith community, learning together, spreading the Good News of Jesus through positive relationships, trust and love.” 

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the St Mary’s community. 

Jasmine Ryan