Intervention & Extension

At St Mary’s we have developed a whole school response plan to Intervention and Extension.

Teams of teachers work in conjunction with the classroom teacher and the learning community to provide opportunities to extend or supplement each child’s learning through Focus Groups. These groups are informed by evidence of children’s learning and target specific skill development.

Literacy and Numeracy Interventions and Extensions are needs-based and supported by numerous educators within the school. Programs, assessment and regular monitoring are used to meet the needs of students and ensure progression and growth.

For children with specific learning or physical disabilities, a personalised learning program (PLP) is developed in conjunction with the Learning Diversity Leader. For each integration child, a Program Support Group (PSG) is formed and a meeting is conducted termly and/or semesterly.  

St Mary’s also has a visiting Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist who works in conjunction with staff and students Personalised Learning Plans. We also employ a Social Worker to work with families and students to further support Social and Emotional needs. St Mary’s welcomes the expertise of a variety of allied health professionals.

St Mary’s has a designated Leader of Learning Diversity who supports students, families and staff in ensuring our school is meeting the needs of any child who needs adjusted learning. An appointment can be made to meet with our Leader of Learning Diversity, if further information is required.