Transition to Primary School

St Mary’s recognise the importance of a highly effective transition to primary school for all members of the family. It is such a special and memorable time in your child’s life and we hope to support you all emotionally, socially and operationally to ensure you feel welcome and informed. 

The purpose to our Prep Transition program is;

  • To establish positive relationships with peers, staff and families
  • To get to know your child and identify their learning needs and capabilities 
  • To be informed and prepare to respond to student needs 
  • To establish positive and respectful foundations for communication with families
  • To prepare and build awareness of your child’s new educational setting 

Our Transition Program progresses over several phases:

  1. Preschool visits
  2. Four consecutive school visits
  3. Statewide Step Up Orientation Day
  4. Parent Information Session – Welcome to Prep at St Mary’s

If your child requires adjustments around Transition arrangements can be made.

Preschool visits during October

The purpose of these visits is for the children to meet some St Mary’s teachers in a familiar setting. The St Mary’s teachers will observe your child in their preschool environment. Observing their favourite activities, social interactions and communication skills. It will also allow teachers the opportunity to interact with the children in familiar activities and informal chat.

Transition Sessions: Term 4

The purpose of these sessions is to introduce the children to the classroom, playground and primary school environment.

During these session the children will take part in; 

  • Play based activities in the classroom
  • Sharing stories and songs
  • Eating a snack
  • Playground orientation
  • Introduction to as many staff and educators as possible

During this time parents will:

  • Get to know the Prep teaching team 
  • Classroom & School grounds orientation 
  • Attend an additional Parent Information that informs you all about starting school 

The Parent Information session for families starting Prep in the following year is held on the eve of  Statewide Step Up Orientation Day. It is invaluable in providing families with important information about starting school.  Classes and Prep staff are announced at this meeting.