Religious Education

The foundations of religious education are set in the family home. They are later built on in parish, school and diocese.

The partners in this important work share the aim of helping children to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to find meaning and happiness in their lives.

The Catholic school plays its part by providing a Catholic culture and climate within which its students grow in true wisdom. The religious symbols and activities of school life, the shared prayers and liturgy, and the way people treat each other, all provide a framework of Christian living.

Within the formal curriculum, Religious Education has a central place. Here it is a course of formal study, as rigorous as any other course. The Religious Education curriculum of the Sandhurst Diocese is appropriately titled, Source of Life.

The reference points of its content are the Sacred Scriptures, the Tradition and the teaching of the Church particularly as expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

It seeks to bring the very special promise of Jesus into the lives of students and their families. 'I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.' (Jn 10:10)

Children will continue their growth in faith through the example and nurturing within family and their community. When parents consider their children to be ready to become fully initiated members of the Catholic faith, they can ask for them to be involved in a preparation program. This will mean they can enrol to celebrate the sacraments of Penance (Reconciliation), Confirmation and First Eucharist. Sacramental preparation and celebration is the responsibility of the respective parishes to which the children belong.

Children access our school from St. Mary's Parish and St. Aloysius' Parish Moama so both Parish communities and their families work together to support these children. Enrolment for sacramental celebrations is advertised in November / December of every year. Enrolment forms can be obtained from the respective Parish Offices and need to be completed and returned by the due date. Parish Sacramental Team members support parents as they journey with their children in this next stage of their faith development.

For more information, please obtain the guidelines for Sacramental Celebrations leaflet from the Parish Offices of either St. Mary's, Percy St., Echuca or St. Aloysius, Francis St., Moama.

 Inquiry Learning

At St Mary's we aim to challenge our students thinking by developing a curiousity to learn and problem solve.  Student's are encouraged to direct their learning and deepen their understandings of 'Big Ideas'.

Core Business

Literacy and Numeracy are the core business of learning.   We strive for excellence in these areas through explicit focus teaching, problem solving  and opportunities for extension.   St Mary's is commited to uninterrupted literacy and numeracy blocks throughout the week.


Each week the children participate in the Specialist programs for 2 hours in the following Learning Areas: Visual Arts, Health and Physical Education, Performing Arts and Indonesian .  Children in Years 3-6 engage in a curriculum that explores both the Indonesian language and cultural aspects of Indonesia.