The following summarises our focus across the range of activities conducted in our school.

¨ We are concerned for the education of the whole person and all their needs, spiritually, physically, academically, emotionally, socially and aesthetically.

¨ We are open to all in our community who respect and agree to support the Catholic mission of the school.

¨ We are concerned with the families of the children we educate.

¨ We are informed by the values of the Gospel, the teachings of Jesus.

¨ Social justice is our key focus when dealing with people and resource provision.

¨ Our school is embedded within the mission of Church, both local and the Church.

¨ We celebrate in prayer, ritual and worship, the traditions of the Catholic Faith.

¨ We follow the teachings of Church doctrine, morals and ethics.

In this way, we try to be that faith community of our vision. We give expression to our belief in our Catholic Identity focus by encouraging  pathways in Catholic Education for children from Prep to Year 12.  In this we have forged strong links with our local Catholic Secondary College –  St Joseph's College.