The Parents and Friends’ Association has two major roles.  Firstly, a social one, where
opportunities are provided to bring the school community together for members to enjoy each others' company and to get to know each other better - to build our school community through social interaction.     

Secondly, it has a financial role. Funds are raised to provide programs and improve facilities in the school. It is aimed to keep the amount spent on general running costs to an absolute minimum.

The Parents & Friends' take responsibility for the major fundraising events.  

All parents are invited to be actively involved in the Parents & Friends' and will be made very welcome.

There is an executive committee of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.  We prefer to see these roles being shared among parents to share the workload.

The meetings are held monthly and dates are circulated via our School Newsletter.  A large number of families attend our school and we would like each parent to become involved in some way with the Parents and Friends' Association activities.