We invite and need a contribution from all parents.

 Join the Parents and Friends Association, or the School Board.

Become a Parent/Class Representative

See the school as ‘your’ school.  Encourage your children to see it in the same way.                                

Attend and participate in  school activities including open days, plays, concerts, picnics, sporting functions, and celebrations of any kind.  

Welcome new parents.  Help them feel that they belong.  Build their confidence in the school.

Support a broad and balanced curriculum.  

Encourage your children to co-operate fully, to join in all school activities and to take a pride in the buildings, the grounds and the school community as a whole.

Support class teachers when they call for help on excursions or classroom activities.

Reading the Newsletter is a great way to stay informed about daily activities at school.

Working Bees are called on a periodic basis to address needs of the school.  Please support when possible.