PAM – Parents Access Module

What is PAM? 

St Mary’s staff use an online portal called SIMON. This resource informs staff and students of daily organisation,  calendars events, reports, behavior tracking and personal profiles such as attendance and medical records. It  also ensures that our families have quick and ready access to school links and key documentation that is  important for our community. 

All families enrolled at St Mary’s are provided with a Username & Password to be able to access their child(rens) PAM account(s). 

How do I log in?   

Go to PAM web address – 

Enter your family username and password that has been provided. 

On your first log in please follow the prompts to verify a relevant email address for that account. Enter your  email address and follow prompts to verify your account. 

Once the email has been verified, the parents will be able to use the email address as their login name/ username. 

If you would like to change the password at any time, go to the three line Main Menu icon and then select ‘My  Settings’. Enter details into the ‘Change password’ boxes. 

NOTE that an email address must be verified BEFORE any password change is attempted. 

St Mary’s endeavours to use more of PAM’s functionality.  Parents are asked to lodge student absences and complete excursion permission via PAM. 

We recommend that you only use the saved password option if your child does not have unsupervised access  to the device in question. 

What information can I access about my child’s education? 

Clicking on a student while in PAM will take you to a new screen. Here you will be able to  access information about timetables, attendance history, assessment (past/latest reports),  commendations, medical information and possible excursion details. 

All details within your child’s profile are from the enrolment records database. They are  secure and only visible to your unique login code. This is why it is important to  personalise your password when you log into PAM for the first time. 

Additional Questions

Can I change my username and password? 

You can change your password once you have logged on by clicking the “My Settings”  link. For security reasons – this is important to change. The username must stay the same,  as it is your family code, which links multiple learners to one account. 

What if I forget my password? 

Please ring the front office and we will be able to provide you with your login details.  However we do suggest you file this information away for future reference. 

What if I Can’t log on? 

Check the login details have been entered correctly and that your internet connection is  active. If these problems are eliminated, you can ring the office to enquire further. 

Any questions pertaining to the use of PAM please contact the office. Phone: 5482 1342