• Effective Transition
  • We believe transition establishes...
  • positive relationships
  • recognises each child’s development as a capable learner
  • takes place over a number of sessions
  • responds to individual needs
  • relies on open communication.

Our Transition Program takes place over four phases:

  1. Kinder Visits
  2. School Visit
  3. School Visit
  4. Orientation Day

If your child requires further transition arrangements can be made.


Kinder Visits during October

The purpose of these visits is for the children to meet some St Mary’s teachers in a familiar setting. The St Mary’s teachers will be observing children in their kinder environment—favourite activities, social interaction, communication skills. It will also be an opportunity for the teachers to interact with the children by joining in activities along with a getting to know you chat. During this visit, a photo board of our Junior teachers will be left at each Kinder.

Transition Day 1

9.15am -10.45am The purpose of this visit is to introduce children to the classroom and
playground environment.
For the children:
play based activities in the classroom
sharing stories and songs
eating a snack
playground orientation
meeting their Grade 5 Guardian Angel
For the parents:
Morning Tea at St Mary’s School Auditorium. There will be a chance for you to meet
other new and existing parents and have a cuppa in the Auditorium at this time.
Leadership will be available to chat with you and time answering any questions you may have.

Transition Day 2

9.15am – 11am The purpose of this visit is to familiarise the children to the variety of school activities. The children will spend some time with their Grade 5 Guardian Angel on
this day.
For the children:
Classroom / School Familiarisation

Transition Day 3

9.15am – 11am The purpose of this visit is to introduce children to their teacher and classmates for the next year

Information Evening on the Night before Transition Day 3

This meeting will provide detailed information for parents of children starting Prep at St Mary’s in the following year. It is most important that a representative from all families attends. Classes will be announced at this meeting.