Our Philosophy of Learning and Teaching is underpinned by the following beliefs and aims.


In our community we believe...
• Learning best occurs in a happy and secure environment where all attempts at learning are positively affirmed and encouraged.
• Learning occurs through interesting and meaningful experiences.
• All students should be included in learning experiences
• Learning is a valuable and worthwhile pursuit and intrinsically rewarding.
• All individuals learn differently.
• In the importance of parental/guardian involvement in their children's learning.
• Assessment is an integral part of the learning process.
• Learning is enhanced by a team approach.


At St Mary's we aim to:
• Encourage personal responsibility for learning and develop independent learners.
• Create a challenging, open and stimulating learning environment.
• Promote positive values and attitudes through the learning experience.
• Encourage deep levels of thinking about concepts and issues.
• Implement all aspects of assessment to guide and measure learning.
• Understand and respond to the different needs, backgrounds and interests of learners.
• Develop respect through learning for all within our school community.
• e-learning – learning technologies.