St Mary's uses the Apple  Mac platform across all year levels. In Years 5 and 6, children are engaged in a  1 to 1 Laptop Program, whereby they each have their own laptop for use at school and home.

In Years 1 to 4, there is a bank of laptops in each learning area (Unit) as well as some flat screen computers for all children to access.

Our Foundations students predominately use ipads to explore many varied educational apps.

All classrooms and learning spaces are fitted out with Interactive Whiteboards and there is WiFi access throughout the whole school.

All computers are linked to the Catholic Education Victoria Network (CEVN) and most recently Catholic Network Australian (CNA) Education Services portal which provides access to many contemporary learning and teaching resources such as  The Learning Federation (TLF) website. The CEVN allows monitored access to Email facilities and the internet.

Staff and student responsibilities in relation to usage of computer technology are outlined in the school Internet Policy.  Students & Staff are required to agree to a code of conduct regarding this access.

All children participate in a Cybersafety program and we put in place particular learning opportunities to develop skills for our children to become responsible Digital Citizens.