If children are either walking or cycling home, parents should expect them home by a certain time each day.  If the child's mode of travelling home is to be changed, please send a note with a young child, or inform the school if alterations are made during the day.


Children walking home from school are advised not to loiter, to observe road rules and not to talk to strangers.

Bicycles / Scooters

Children need to be proficient in the area of bike riding and to know and demonstrate correct behaviour in accordance with road safety rules before being allowed to ride to school.  When arriving at or leaving school, children walk their bicycles in the school ground and across the footpath.  Bike racks are provided.

The Road Traffic Authority strongly recommends that children under 10 years do not ride bicycles independently of adult supervision.

Children cycling or scooting to and from school are advised to be a competent cyclist / scooter, observe road rules, exercise care, not talk to strangers and wear a helmet.

Traffic Lights

The school is situated in close proximity to the Murray Valley Highway. Children, riding, scooting or walking to school may need to cross this highway to access Bridlington Ave. A set of traffic lights is situated at the intersection to allow children to cross safely. These include pedestrian lights. Children should be actively encouraged to utilise these lights for crossing the highway. The crossing is provided for pedestrian safety and good modelling is vitally important.

Car Park

Parents and Guardians are asked to observe the following rules in relation to dropping children at school in the morning and collecting them in the afternoon.

Do not exceed a 20km/h speed limit in the school grounds.

Pick up and drop off arrangements as explained above.

Show courtesy and consideration for other drivers and be cautious and alert.

Please do not park in front of neighbour's drive ways.